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Let's Talk Dog Food


Nutrition is a big part of dogs living their best lives.  Our household has tried various, well known dog food brands. We will never recommend a dog food that we're not willing to feed our own dogs.  With that said, hands down, our favorite dog food is Life's Abundance.    Although not required, we strongly recommend that you feed your Golden a grain inclusive, Life's Abundance dog food.  

We start all puppies on Large Breed Puppy.  Our adult dogs are fed All Life Stages (grain inclusive).

Here's what we love:

- No artificial flavors.

- No artificial colors.

- No corn or corn gluten.

- No wheat or wheat gluten.

- As a nutrient rich food, the suggested daily feeding amount is less than other brands.

- Life's Abundance has NEVER had a food recall. 

- You receive a discount on each shipment when you opt for auto ship. 

-- Food is shipped directly to your home from a Life's Abundance warehouse.

- Every time you place an order, a contribution is made to The Dr. Jane Foundation grant fund.  This is a non-profit foundation that provides financial support for life-saving efforts of animal rescue groups. How neat!

As part of the breeder program through Life's Abundance, our family makes a small amount on orders placed through our website.  To be clear, this is not why we promote Life's Abundance.  We wholeheartedly believe in their dog food.  More than one of our dogs suffered from various yeast related health issues while feeding a well known dog food, found in pet stores and online.  After discovering the culprit, we switched our dogs to Life's Abundance.  Yeast overgrowth is no longer an issue for us.  Our dogs have shinier, healthy coats, and more energy.  Our family wants the same for your pet(s) as well.

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