Do you health test? Absolutely! Each sire and dam are OFA certified for eyes, heart, hips and elbows. In addition, we run a hyperthyroid panel and genetic tests according to recommendations for the Golden Retriever breed. This includes prcd-PRA,  PRA 1 & 2, ICT, DM and NCL.

Do you breed a rare type of Golden? No, there's no such thing.  A golden, is a golden.  We breed the English type.    It's just our family's personal preference. The English type tend to be lighter in color (we adore the lighter coloring) with a very blocky head. The AKC recognizes English Goldens as Golden Retrievers.

Do goldens shed? Yep! Lots. We call that golden glitter in our home.

How are puppies raised? As breeders, we have the privilege and opportunity to make a great impact on each individual puppy. We want the best for our puppies and their furever families which is why we raise our pups on the Puppy Culture program. Some of the protocols we use to raise our puppies include: Early neurological stimulation,    socialization, enrichment activities and emotional resiliency.

How does puppy selection work? Our family is big on communication. Once a week following the birth of puppies, you will receive an email with lots of helpful information, updates, pictures and/or videos.  Puppy selection takes place at our home when the puppies reach 8 weeks of age.

Are Golden Retrievers good family dogs?  Indeed!  Goldens are friendly, loyal, eager to please, intelligent, trainable, joyful and once past the puppy stage - gentle.  

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