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Rose Royce and Roman:  This will be Rose Royce's third and final litter.  Rose's puppies are lovely!  Anticipated due date is on November 11th.  We are accepting reservations for MALE puppies.

Puppy Price:  AKC Pet Registered Females and Males $3,000 + 8.1% sales tax.

Puppy Selection:  Our family is big on communication. Once a week following the birth of puppies, you will receive an email with lots of helpful information, updates, pictures and/or videos.  Our family makes puppy selections for you and gotcha day/pick up day is scheduled at our home when they reach 8 weeks of age.

A note about how our puppies are raised:  Our family understands the importance of giving our puppies the best start in life.  We raise each litter with Puppy Culture protocols.  This includes early neurological stimulation, noise desensitizing, introduction to new objects and sounds, beginning stages of crate training and so much more.  You can learn more about Puppy Culture on their website here: