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Pick of the Litter Program

Accepting applications for a female puppy that we're importing from Europe this summer!

Looking for your forever family dog?


Our family believes that each and every one of our dogs deserves the very best.  In order to continue providing puppies, we select honest, committed, dog loving families to raise  our breeding dogs in a wonderful home environment.  This best suits our program because we avoid kenneling altogether and we are confident that each dog is well loved and cared for.


Here’s how it works:


MOST of our Pick of the Litter program dogs are ready to go to their homes as a puppy at 8 weeks old.  Your puppy will be first pick of the litter. Occasionally, we will place a young adult or adult female to a Pick of the Litter chosen home.

In exchange for a puppy or young adult dog, God Given Goldens retains breeding rights for the life of our Pick of the Litter Contract (a maximum of 3 litters for a female).  In appreciation for allowing your female to participate in our Pick of the Litter program, you will receive a financial gift starting at $1,000.00 after she whelps each litter.

Pick of the Litter candidates must live within 200 miles of Deer Park, be willing to sign a contract, loan their dog back to our household for OFA health testing, breeding, whelping, and raising puppies.


Pick of the Litter families are responsible for:

- Providing a loving and caring home

- A secured yard

- Vet Care, including vaccinations

- Socialization and training

- Exercise

- Feeding a dog food that is approved by breeder

- Frequent communication with God Given Goldens

*All cost related to health testing, breeding, and whelping are solely the responsibility of God Given Goldens.

If a dog does not pass their health tests, they will be spayed or neutered at God Given Goldens expense, and will be retired from our program.

Now accepting applications for future female puppies. 

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